Augmentative and alternative communication is one of our areas of specialty.  Meredith Potts has been an Augmentative Communication Consultant for 7 years, has conducted numerous speech generating device evaluations following rigorous ethical guidelines, has completes over 150 hours of continuing education related to this area of skill, has presented at local, state, national and international conferences, has published clinical research, and has experienced several successes with many children using these approaches.
We believe a child that has limited, functional verbal skills deserves the opportunity to be taught to communicate in alternative ways.  We believe that COMMUNICATION is the primary and most important goal.  Whether that be using verbal speech, gestures, pictures or a talking portable computer (known as a speech generating device), a child can be taught to communicate their needs effectively if an evaluation shows that they are a candidate for these methods.

Over the years, the primary concern of parents that I meet with to talk about their child using a speech generating device is that using these methods will keep their child from learning to talk.  Research from the last twenty years has revealed quite the opposite.  I encourage you to read the following myths about augmentative communication.

ur #1 goal is for each child to communicate verbally and to do it very well.  We follow a Total Communication Approach philosophy to establish a functional linguistic communication system as a primary goal.  Then, we support the child to develop speech skills for verbal communication development.
Meredith has been a Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) certified clinician since 2011.  At Branch of Hope, we follow this clinical methodology for children. Please visit for more information about this approach.

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