LAMP Providers

LAMP Providers
The LAMP Certification and Centers of Excellence programs have been designed for the development and recognition of LAMP competencies. The program is designed for licensed and credentialed professionals from different disciplines (such as Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, and Psychologists) who apply LAMP principles and practices in their existing areas of expertise and specialization in working with children with limited verbal speech.

Acquisition of the Certificate is based on demonstration of clinical or educational competencies through case presentations, tutoring, and advanced training. The purpose of designation as a LAMP Certified Professional or LAMP Centers of Excellence is to identify professionals who have demonstrated the ability to skillfully apply LAMP in their clinical practice.
Since 2010, Meredith has been LAMP certified. All other Branch of Hope therapists are in the process of LAMP certification. Branch of Hope is in the process of becoming the only LAMP Center of Excellence in Texas.

What is LAMP?
Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) is a therapeutic approach based on neurological and motor learning principles. The goal is to give individuals who are nonverbal or have limited verbal abilities a method of independently and spontaneously expressing themselves in any setting.
LAMP focuses on giving the individual independent access to vocabulary on voice output AAC devices that use consistent motor plans for accessing vocabulary. Teaching of the vocabulary happens across environments, with multisensory input to enhance meaning, with the child’s interests and desires determining the vocabulary to be taught.

Branch of Hope Children’s Therapy Center-LAMP Center of Excellence
The Center for AAC & Autism has named Branch of Hope Children’s Therapy Center as the first, and currently only Center of Excellence in Texas.  BOH is one of 5 Centers of Excellence in the United States.

LAMP Certified Professionals & Centers of Excellenceessions, click here.
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